Rob Kaman

Rob Kaman (June 5, 1960, Amsterdam, The Netherlands),nicknames “The Dutchman”, “Mister Low Kick”, is considered as one of the best kickboxers ever.

He is a 9 time World Muay Thai and Kickboxing champion; an accomplishment that still hasn’t been beaten by anyone.

Rob was feared for his devastating low kicks wich made him the most feared fighter of his era.

Rob started training Muay Thai at the famous Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam in 1978 under supervision of the late Jan Plas and more recently Andre Mannaart.

In 1980 Rob had become an A-class fighter in Holland and won most of his fights by KO.

His international breakthrough was his fight with Blinky Rodriquez which he won in the second round with a low kick to the leg. Read more Rob Kaman