Ramon Dekkers

Ramon “Diamond” Dekkers (4-9-1969 / 27-2-2013) was an 8 time World Champion Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

In Thailand he was the best known and most respected foreign thaiboxer and has been the first foreigner that has gained the title Thaiboxer of the year.

In over 20 years Ramon has fought nearly 200 fights of which he won 175 and 90 by KO.’


Ramon Dekkers has fought many times in the famous Lumpinee and Rajdamnern stadiums against the best Thais and won many fights and often by KO.


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The fights he lost were mostly on points.

Sometimes Ramon would fight two times a week against top Thais as he took all the challenges.

Ramon won the respect of many muay thai lovers inside and outside of Thailand for his willingness to take on any fight against anyone and his agressive style.

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Ramon retired in 2001 after a farewell fight against Marino Deflorin in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

After his retirement he went on training new talents and made a comeback in 2005 to fight under MMA rules against Genki Sudo.

He lost the fight since he never trained for MMA.

Later in 2005 he fought again but under K-1 rules against the american Duane Ludwig.

Due to injuries Ramon was only able to punch with one arm but nevertheless he won the fight.

His final retirement match was against Joerie Mes in 2006. Mes won the fight by decision. Right after the fight Ramon Dekkers announced his final retirement.

On the 27th of February 2013, totally unexpected, Ramon Dekkers died in his hometown Breda, The Netherlands. Ramon got sick while training on his road bike and collapsed to the ground. Bystanders and emergency tried to help him but it was too late.

Ramon Dekkers died at the age of 43. One of the greatest legends in kickboxing and muaythai has been lost forever but lives on in our hearts.

RIP Ramon.

Dutch Featherweight Champion
MTBN European Featherweight Champion
NKBB European Super featherweight Champion
IMTA World Lightweight Champion
IMTF World Super lightweight Champion[2]
IMF World Light welterweight Champion
WPKL World Welterweight Champion
WPKL World Super welterweight Champion
WPKF World Middleweight Champion
WPKL World Middleweight Champion

Video Interview Ramon Dekkers: Ramon Dekkers Video Interview

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