Gilbert Ballantine “The Bullterrier”

Gilbert Ballantine

Gilbert Ballantine (March 14 1961, Paramaribo, Suriname) is a retired Dutch kickboxer, Muay Thai boxer, karate champion and MMA fighter who has been known throughout his impressive career as “The Bullterrier”.

Gilbert has won many fights against the greatest muay thai champions across the world but has remained relatively unknown despite his unmatched fighting style, spectaculair fights and great achievements.

Yet, Gilbert has been a #1 world class muay thai champion and one of the best fighters who ever walked the earth.

Gilbert Ballantine started his martial arts career at a young age practicing judo, and whilst he had a talent for it he later began practicing karate.

Gilbert obviously had a talent for it since he became a multiple karate champion in Holland and even won an European championship.

In 1981 Gilbert started practicing kickboxing and Muay Thai. He has been an undefeated champion in Holland until 1989, won multiple European championships and has been a seven time Muay Thai Kickboxing World Champion.

Later in his career Gilbert became multiple times champion in free fight.


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Ballantine’s Legendary Fights

Gilbert Ballantine’s kickboxing career has lasted more than 20 years, and in those years Gilbert has fought many fights against world renowned fighters such as Ramon Dekkers, Noel van de Heuvel, Saengtiennoi Sor. Rungrot and others.

Gilbert and Ramon Dekkers have been opponents in the ring for three times, of which Gilbert won two fights.

In this video you can some Muay Thai highlights from Gilbert.

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1 NL Championship 16-08-1984 M.T.B.N Amsterdam Thai-boxing
2 NL Championship 08-09-1985 N.B.F.B.S Amsterdam Savate
3 EU Championship 03-05-1986 M.T.B.D-D.B.O Hanau W.K.A Full-contact
4 NL Championship 03-11-1986 M.T.B.N Amsterdam Thai-boxing
5 EU Championship 26-04-1987 M.T.B.N Amsterdam Thai-boxing
6 World Championship 08-11-1987 M.T.B.N-KICK Amsterdam Kick-boxing
7 NL Championship 13-11-1988 P.K.A Enschede P.V.A Kick
8 World Championship 26-11-1989 M.T.B.N-F.F.K.A Groningen Kick-boxing
9 World Championship 28-01-1990 M.T.B.N Amsterdam Thai-boxing
10 EU Championship 28-04-1990 M.T.B.D Dusseldorf Kick-boxing
11 World Championship 14-10-1990 W.M.T.A Amsterdam Thai-boxing
12 World Championship 02-02-1991 I.K.B.F Karelsruhe Kick-boxing
13 World Championship 19-10-1991 I.K.B.F Berlin Kick-boxing
14 World Championship 22-03-1992 I.M.T.A Amsterdam Thai-boxing
15 World Championship 19-09-1993 I.M.T.A Amsterdam Thai-boxing
16 World Championship 02-10-1994 I.M.T.A Hamburg Thai-boxing
17 NL Championship 28-01-2001 RINGS Utrecht Free-fight
18 NL Championship 02-12-2001 RINGS Utrecht Free-fight
19 NL Championship 02-06-2002 RINGS Amsterdam Free-fight

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