Bas Rutten

Bas “El Guapo” Rutten (Feb.24th 1965 Eindhoven, The Netherlands) is a Dutch MMA fighter and kickboxer who made name for himself
as the “king of Pancrase”.

Bas has been a three time King of Pancrase and one time UFC heavyweight champion.


In the early 1990’s Bas started with Pancrase in Japan. This fighting system has been the precursor of today’s popular MMA.



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Since Bas was a Muay Thai fighter at the time he lacked ground experience which led to a couple of defeats.

Realizing that he had to increase his ground skills Bas started training with a master wrestler.

This training paid of since he never lost a fight anymore. He defeated Minoru Suzuki in 1995 which got him his first
“King of Pancrase” title.

In 1996 he defeated both Jason Delucia and Guy Mezger and became a three time King of Pancrase.

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In 1998 Bas entered the UFC with a lot of hype since he had been undefeated for 19 fights and was considered the best martial artist in the world.

Bas won his first fight against Tsuyoshi Kohsaka in UFC 18 by KO.

His next fight against Kevin Randleman went into overtime and Bas taking a close split decision victory to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Bas went on training for his next fight in UFC but suffered multiple injuries and was forced to step back from MMA byn doctors orders.


In 2006 Bas returned to MMA with a fight against Ruben Villareal. In the first round Bas defeated Ruben by technical knockout.

Films and TV

Bas appeared in several movies and TV shows and has been a well known commentator for fighting events like Pride and hosts “Inside MMA”.


King of Pancrase Openweight Championship (three time)

UFC Heavyweight Championship (one time)

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