Chris Dolman

Chris Dolman (February 17th 1945, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is one of the most complete fighters ever coming from Holland
succeeding in wrestling, judo, sambo and mixfight.

In 1969 Chris Dolman did the impossible by defeating the Russians in their homeland and became world heavy weight champion Sambo in Moscow.

This title gave him international recognition. Later in 1985 he got his second worldtitle in London at the age of 40.


Chris has been one of the first European fighters who have been invited to come fighting for the Rings Fighting Network in Japan.

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This organisation made matches with fighters from different styles like judo, wrestling, karate and jiu-jitsu.

In 1993, at the twilight of his career, Chris wins the RINGS Open Mega Battle. Another accomplishment that proved his super fighter status.

Chris has fought against the strongest men in the world.

In 1987 he defeated Geoff Capes and in 1989 Bill Kazemaier lost the fight from the unbeatable man from Amsterdam.

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4x Champion of Holland Judo
4x Champion of Holland Powerlifting
7x Champion of Holland Sambo
11x Champion of Holland Greek/Roman wrestling
14x Champion of Holland free style wrestling
5x Champion of Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg Greek/Roman wrestling
5x Open Champion of Israel Sambo wrestling
1966 European champion Judo (Lyon- Frankrijk)
1969 Worldchampion Sambowrestling (Moskou-Rusland)
1978 Open champion USA Sambowrestling (San Diego-USA)
1985 Worldchampion Sambowrestling (Souston-Frankrijk)
1985 Winner World Games Sambowrestling (Londen-Engeland)
1993 Winner RINGS Open Mega Battle Tournament (Tokyo-Japan)


Youtube: Chris Dolman vs Bill Kazmeier

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