Alistair Overeem

Alistair OvereemAlistair “Demolition man” Overeem (Hounslow, 17th May 1980, England) is a Dutch kickboxer and MMA fighter who’s been one of two fighters in history whom have been champion in both MMA and K-1.

Alistair was born in England and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 6. As a youngster Alistair practiced different sports such as judo, athletics and basketball. At the age of 15 Alistaiir started training martial arts under supervision of Bas Rutten and others.


At the age of 17 Alistair fought his first kickboxing match and won the fight. It became apparent that Alistair had a talent for the sport as two years later at the age of 19 he won his first MMA fight against Ricardo Fyeet with a guillotine choke. Read more Alistair Overeem

Ernesto Hoost

Ernesto Hoost - high kickErnesto “Mr. Perfect” Hoost (Heemskerk, 11th July 1965, The Netherlands) is a Dutch kickboxer and 4 time champion of the famous K-1 tournament in Japan.

Ernesto got his middle name “Mr. Perfect” from his Japanese fans because his techniques were perfected as such.

At the age of 15 Ernesto started training boxing/kickboxing and fought his first matches. At this early stage it already became apparent that he had a talent for the sport as he defeated several opponents and quickly moved up to the A-classes. Read more Ernesto Hoost

Peter Aerts – The Lumberjack

Peter “Lumberjack” Aerts (Eindhoven, 25th 1970, The Netherlands) is a Dutch kickboxer and three time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion.

At the age of 19 he already was world heavy weight kickboxing champion.

In 1994 Peter became K-1 World champion for the first time.

Peter gained his 2nd and 3rd K-1 title in 1995 en 1998. In 1995 he became World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight Champion as well.

Peter got his nickname “Lumberjack” due to his devastating low kicks, a trademark of the Dutch style.

Read more Peter Aerts – The Lumberjack